Welcome to Violin Academy Online!

We want to make the violin accessible to anyone who is not able to receive in-person violin lessons.

  • Learn how to play the violin on your own time

  • Easy to understand course materials

  • Music Education at your convenience


Violin Instructor

Eric Mrugala

Eric Mrugala is a violinist who performs and educates audiences about the violin, and music. Mr. Mrugala has been playing the violin for over 25 years and is excited to share his knowledge at Violin Academy Online


  • I'm a beginner violinist, are these courses for me?

    Absolutely! We're designing courses with the beginner violinist in mind. We make these courses easy to understand, and easy to follow along.

  • Isn't it better to have violin lessons in person?

    In some aspects, yes. There is a population that doesn't have access to in-person music education. We are striving to fill in the gap for people who want affordable music education that they can access virtually.

  • Will I learn the violin faster with Violin Academy Online?

    Our goal is to make the information accessible and easy to understand. We understand that playing the violin is a commitment. The great thing about our courses is that you can go at their own pace if life gets too busy.